Learning about storm chasing

How do I chase storms?

One of the most common questions I get regarding storm chasing is How I actually chase them. People may ask if I go to a specific place, if I plan my flights from Sweden according to the weather or if I just drive around and look. Neither is correct but the confusion is quite understandable...
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Beginner’s guide to storm chasing with organized tours

Everyone can experience the amazing feeling of seeing a tornado or a supercell, without being a professional meteorologist or an experienced storm chaser. In this blog post I will explain what your options are and how you can make it happen. Why should you listen to me? I have personally chased storms with four different...
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Learning the basics about (tornadic) storm forecasting

In my last blog post I discussed learning the basics about storm analysis and the basics about storm chasing. I promised to continue with some basic forecasting understanding after I picked a thing or two about it. I am nowhere near done learning but I thought I’d share what I learned so far. These instructions...
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Learning the basics about storm chasing

This week I have done a LOT of studying to really make an effort of understanding “everything”. I have been studying storms and forecasting all throughout the web. As I mentioned earlier, I have gone through Mike Hollingshead’s excellent “Storm analysis 101” videos from which I learned a lot. Most of the online resources for...
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Storm analysis 101 video review

The storm chasing season feels really far away, especially here in Sweden. While visiting a friend in Dubai we took a road trip during which I read Tim Vasquez excellent “Storm Chasing Handbook” on my iPad (to be reviewed later). The heat and the humidity really gave me the same physical sensation as in my...
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