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Day 10: Worst. Hobby. Ever.

Day 10 was our last chase day and we once again woke up in San Angelo, TX, and this morning we knew we would not be in a rush as the storms would be firing along the TX/OK border a few hours north of us. It was close to 90 degrees F (~33 degrees C)...
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Day 9: Out of reach of tornadoes in Texas

We woke up in Wichita and the forecast had shifted the area further south than anticipated so we had to cancel the restaurant breakfast to get into central Texas in time. Once again we found ourselves racing towards getting into position in time with the usual gas stop food and snacks for lunch. The last...
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Day 8: Why we were not in Iowa

I believe this Tuesday was marked down as a risk day already as a “Day 5” in SPC (I may be mistaken) but all parameters pointed early on as this was going to be a day of great potential for long-lived strong tornadoes. The main issue was however that the storms were likely to be...
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Day 7: Possible tornado after dark

Once again we woke up to a 5% tornado risk, and in one of my favorite regions in Tornado Alley, northwest Kansas/east Colorado. I have been quite lucky in that general area before and it offers amazing visibility. The road network could sometimes be a hassle but considering how flat the landscape is, I once...
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Day 6: Too early, too late

Starting off in Pueblo, Colorado in the morning our target for the day was central Kansas. The SPC had put a Moderate risk for the area, but only 5% tornado risk as the general threat was wind. The initiation of storms were not supposed to be until later in the afternoon but the storms fired...
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Day 5: Great Sand Dunes, Colorado

This was our second down day but the possible chances of thunderstorms were in Colorado so that’s where we headed. The couple of days afterwards should be active in Kansas so we were mainly positioning for those days ahead. It feels good that we will have some active days ahead! A peculiar backyard in a...
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Day 4: Carlsbad Caverns

If I look at my chase trip as a football game, we just went into halftime break now, with two down days coming up. The first half has been pretty ok with supercells and rotating wall clouds but we have been far from a tornado (no storm we have been on has been tornado warned,...
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Day 3: Messy supercells in Texas

My jetlag is not really letting go of me and I woke up at 4:30 AM. This was in fact a bit convenient because I had an interview scheduled with a UK based journalist from USA Today who are making an article about storm chasing. So, I started off the day with responding to questions...
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Day 2: Underneath a rotating wall cloud

I woke up early (why is jetlag always worst the second day?!) only to realize we had been having a 7th passenger in the vehicle yesterday! Buried between two toes I had a tic. This was just 24 hours after Peter’s morning briefing about safety and spraying your feet with bug spray to avoid…tics. Yuck....
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Day 1: You can’t beat the Kansas scenery

As I mentioned, this week should start of slow but at least not inactive. Today was a meager looking day, SPC did have a 5% tornado risk…in Florida!…but in our reachable area we only had a Marginal risk and 0% tornado risk to play with, but there were at least prospects of thunderstorms. Considering that...
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