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The Lanny Dean experience

I have chased with many different tour guides now and they all have had different personalities and guiding styles. We have the calm and informative style of Charles Edwards and Brian Morganti or the friendly and dedicated style of Gene Robertson and Allan Dietrich. They were all excellent tour guides but I really loved chasing...
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Video of the tornadoes near Canadian, TX, 2015

I went back to the videos I shot at the Canadian, TX, tornado outbreak last year. I did not really have a full look at them at the time and I never took the time to upload any videos to Youtube until now. As always, the footage is a bit shaky since I usually focus...
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Day 6 – Going back to Tulsa

Our last day of the tour was mainly about getting back from Amarillo to Tulsa. We started with an amazing BBQ-brunch in Amarillo and continued eastward. When we reached Oklahoma city a few from the group went to see the Oklahoma City bombing memorial while I, and the tour guides, relaxed over a coffee. When...
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dramatic looking statue

Day 5 – Chasing hail in picturesque New Mexico

Friday was our last real chase day on the tour since we had to be back in the evening in Tulsa on Day 6 which limited our options. Not that it matter though since Saturday did not have any real storms to offer. Friday was the first day in the week when we did not...
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mammatus over Campo Colorado

Day 4 – Chasing with content in Campo, CO

I woke up content but also a wee bit hungover from the celebration last night. For the fourth day in a row we had an SPC Slight Risk with 5% tornado risk to chase. This time in the Oklahoma panhandle and southeast Colorado. Since we already were in the same area (Shamrock, TX) we treated...
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Day 3 – Tornado outbreak in Canadian, TX

This was the third day of chasing a Slight Risk-area with a 5% tornado risk (according to SPC). We targeted the Texas panhandle and quite early SPC issued a mesoscale discussion for the area. It turned into a Tornado Watch-area sometime after lunch as we drove into Canadian, TX, that seemed to be the play...
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Day 2 – Chasing a wedge

Our target area today was primarily western Oklahoma so we started off south, chasing the dryline storms. At our lunch break at Arby’s we saw an incredible storm build up with a nice overshooting top – but it was over at the cold front some 90 miles away. We continued into north Texas after lunch...
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funnel cloud

Day 1 – Funnel cloud on a very short chase

Just as last year my neighbors decided to have a party the night before my trip and I had to get up at 4.30 to catch my plane! That, and being a bit nervous to oversleep made me sleep only one hour the night before. I slept on and off during the flights over to...
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Day 6 – Zzzzz…

This was officially the last day of the tour but with no storms at all in the vicinity (and hardly at all in the US) we spent most of the day relaxing (it was well needed after all those shots yesterday). We had a tear-filled goodbye of our Aussie friends Tim & Jess and then...
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lanny dean tattoo

Day 5 – Tour is over but the fun is not

That tiny hope we had for the outflow boundary was lost during the morning briefing. The forecast was for tiny popup cells in the Tulsa area (in which we stayed) but we decided they were not worth chasing but instead decided to have some fun! After some lunch we all headed out for a tattoo...
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