sds storm deprivation syndrome

SDS – Storm Deprivation Syndrome

Storm Deprivation Syndrome (abbreviated SDS) is a anxiety syndrom that mainly affects storm chasers when there are no storms to chase for an extended period of time – typically in the off-season. Prevalence SDS is very rare in the general population but is greatly prevalent among the demographic group of so called storm chasers –...
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relaxing storms video

Relaxing and soothing videos of storms and tornadoes

At home, we have a Samsung “The Frame” TV. You know, one of those that you can put in “Art mode” and it looks like a painting. We don’t have it connected to the normal cable but internet only. As such, we only watch streamed content on YouTube or Netflix. Most of the time, we...
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geometrical tornado center map usa

Average Center of Tornadoes by Year in USA

Yesterday, I calculated the “Tornado Capital of USA” to be Diggins, MO, based on the average latitude and longitude of all tornadoes between 1950 to 2017. This got some attention on Twitter and one comment I got was if I could make the same calculation but grouped by year instead so here you go! The...
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diggins missouri tornado capital

The (geometrical) Tornado Capital of USA is Diggins, MO

I have been a web developer for 10 years but recently started looking into Machine Learning and Data Mining and as such I wanted to dig into some data that would be fun to investigate – so off course I chose the tornado data from SPC to see what I could find. In that 6 Mb+...
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Failed April Fools prank on the Storm Chasing community

Yesterday I tried to pull an April Fools-joke on my Twitter-followers hoping the Storm Chasing-community would be amused. Basically, what I did was to copy the hook echo created on the day of the Joplin-tornado, which is an obvious tornado echo with the debris ball and everything. I also took a screen dump of the...
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tornado outbreak visualized by website stats

The website stats looks like a tornadic sky typically peaks at times when there is an outbreak of tornadoes (given all the attention from media I guess) and typically has a higher average during tornado season. I have noticed this a couple of times when I look at my stats from the website. By reversing the image I realized this actually looked...
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iPhone panocloning

Had some fun cloning myself using the iPhone panorama camera mode earlier this year, during a down day at White Sands, NM. Basically, what you do is take a photo yourself in the first shot, go behind the photographer and put yourself in position for the end portion of the panorama sweep. Panocloning!
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face in the clouds

Face in the clouds

I took this photo outside Canadian, TX, back in 2009 while driving away from a storm that was dying out. This portion of the cloud instantly caught my eye since it was an almost perfect face in the clouds.   …and a zoomed in and higher contrast-version of the same photo.
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