christoffer björkwall storm chasing

My history of storm chasing

I have run for many years now but I have never really introduced myself. So, here we go. My name is Christoffer Björkwall and I am a Swedish storm chaser living in Skanör in the southernmost tip of Sweden. I am 39 year old and I live with my beloved Charlotte and our 1...
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A long and tedious process is finally coming to an end now when the new design of is done. It used to be built in Ruby on Rails but is now based on WordPress to make it easier to update and troubleshoot, as opposed to the old version that was quite buggy. I hope...
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storm chasing usa instagram

@stormchasingusa on Instagram

I recently decided to bring StormChasingUSA to Instagram. I used to post my storm photos on my travel account on Instagram (@TalesOfTrips) but realized it was better and easier to have all my storm chasing related photos on one specific account. On this Instagram-account I will post my best storm photos from ongoing, but mostly,...
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storm chasing usa 3.0 – Same, same but different

When I first made back in 2009, it was not a pretty website but quite useful from the start. It was made in php with a lot of “cut and paste”-coding that made it buggy and without any really useful tools. A couple of years later I made a complete makeover of it, with...
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white van tempest tours

Beginner’s guide to storm chasing with organized tours

Everyone can experience the amazing feeling of seeing a tornado or a supercell, without being a professional meteorologist or an experienced storm chaser. In this blog post I will explain what your options are and how you can make it happen. Why should you listen to me? I have personally chased storms with four different...
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selfie with double rainbow

Just when I open up the box of merch…

If this blog post would be a true click bait the title of this would be: “Just when I open the box the incredible thing happens”. It was really cool though. A couple of days ago I ordered some merch for some t-shirts, business cards and a cap. I want to be able to...
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stormchasingusa logo

New logo for

When I remade some 2 years ago I created a logo that was supposed to be temporary but I got stuck with it for two years and never really took the time to change it. Now I have finally taken that time, with the help of my illustrator Vineta. I wanted to have one...
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Changing the logo for

When I remade my plan was to improve every part of the site, including the logo. The logo was changed but I was never really satisfied with it. I am no designer and the current one (below) was only meant to be something temporary. I mean, it’s ok but it really look like it...
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Now allowing anonymous reviews

After I made a great update on last year I added validations of the reviews to make sure that the site would not get any fake reviews. Before I had this validation some angry letters from tour operators who claimed that competitors purposely wrote bad reviews of their company. Almost everyone who writes a...
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Follow StormChasingUSA on Twitter

StormChasingUSA does not only exist as the website and this blog, I also have a Twitter-account where I will be posting news and interesting notes. So, please follow me on @stormchasingusa.
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