Chasecation 2014

Day 6 – Zzzzz…

This was officially the last day of the tour but with no storms at all in the vicinity (and hardly at all in the US) we spent most of the day relaxing (it was well needed after all those shots yesterday). We had a tear-filled goodbye of our Aussie friends Tim & Jess and then...
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lanny dean tattoo

Day 5 – Tour is over but the fun is not

That tiny hope we had for the outflow boundary was lost during the morning briefing. The forecast was for tiny popup cells in the Tulsa area (in which we stayed) but we decided they were not worth chasing but instead decided to have some fun! After some lunch we all headed out for a tattoo...
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outflow boundary

Day 4 – Tour is over…or is it?

It wasn’t really news when Lanny announced to us that the tour was basically over during our morning meeting. The setup over the plains started to look more and more like summer weather leaving us stranded with absolutely nothing to work with. I am glad I hadn’t followed through with my plan to buy a...
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Day 3 – 5% tornado risk turned to 0%

The reports we got last night was that today was going to be quite intense with even better shear and great instability. SPC had a Slight Risk in our area and a 5% tornado risk where we were positioned for the day. The next couple of days looked crappy so I realized this could very...
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anti-cyclonic landspout

Day 2 – Lots of wall clouds and a nice land spout

This day turned out much better than our previous bust day. The shear was much bettter and most parameters looked ok. Since we were well positioned in Lubbock, TX, already we didn’t have to drive far for our first catch. The storms fired up early as well so we had a long and good chase...
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Day 1: Semi-promising day turned to bust

I arrived a mess to my hotel in Tulsa after about 6 hours of sleep in total the last 48 hours or something. Phew! On Sunday morning we started Day 1 on the tour with Extreme Chase Tours. I didn’t use my newly acquired forecasting skills but just checked SPC website who showed a Slight...
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Soooo tired, but on my way

I have been waiting for this day ever since I booked my tour in January but now I am finally on my way! I am currently sitting at Dallas / Fort Worth airport waiting for my last flight to Tulsa. I am super tired since my flight was at 7.30 am and I had to...
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