Peoples reaction to storm chasing

When I tell people I chase storms I usually get five types of reactions:

  1. What? Why?!
  2. Wow! What? How?!
  3. Cool, but isn’t it dangerous?
  4. OMG! I have been wanting to do that since I was a X years old!!
  5. Ok, but you stay safe you hear!?

The first ones (“What? Why?!“) are the people who have not heard of it and/or really just don’t get it. They look at me as I am slightly retarded and seem to categorize me as “Nerd with a Stupid Hobby”. I guess they think of average thunderstorms, rain or just wind. I don’t know. I always mark it down as “I need to show them the right photos or videos so they get it!”.

The second ones (“Wow! What? How?!“) are similar to the first ones but quite the opposite. They are the people who have never really heard of storm chasing and don’t get it – but are super interested! They look at me as a “Nerd with a Fantastic Hobby” and throw 1.000’s of questions. With these group of people I always feel: “I need to show them as many photos and videos so I can continue to share how amazing it is”.

The third ones (“Cool, but isn’t it dangerous?“) are the ones who probably have seen Twister or at least realized there is something fascinating about tornadoes and severe weather. They usually like to travel, nature and/or adventures. They can understand why I chase storms but usually have no real interest in doing it themselves. They are mostly concerned with the safety of it all and curious on how I do it. I usually try to show them some photos and videos and explain that it is not as dangerous as one might think.

The fourth ones (“OMG! I have been wanting to do that since I was a X years old!!“) have seen Twister several times as well as Storm Chasers on TV. They are extremely fascinated with tornadoes and are usually super jealous of me for being able to chase storms. I hope to bring them all along on a trip someday! They are usually the first ones I send new photos to.

The fifth ones (“Ok, but you stay safe you hear!?“) is my mom. She is happy I have a passion but commonly suggests safer hobbies to me. I carefully select the photos I share to her – the one that looks pretty and non-violent.

What reactions do you, as a storm chaser, get? Which category do you, as a friend of a storm chaser, find yourself in?

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