Soooo tired, but on my way

I have been waiting for this day ever since I booked my tour in January but now I am finally on my way! I am currently sitting at Dallas / Fort Worth airport waiting for my last flight to Tulsa. I am super tired since my flight was at 7.30 am and I had to get up at 4.00 am. Unfortunately my neighbours had a party and although it was not super loud it was enough to keep me and my excited nerves up until 1.30 am.

It’s quite fun to talk with the immigration when they ask me what I am going to do in Tulsa. The response I got this time, when I said “storm chasing”, was “I respect that!“.

I remember another tour I went on and had a conversation like this with the immigration officer:

– Welcome to the United States. Are you here in business or pleasure?

Thanks, I’m here as a tourist.

– Oh, so you are visiting relatives in Tulsa then?

Not really, no.

– What are you going to do in Tulsa then!?

Storm chasing!

– Ohhhh, good luck with that.

I guess there isn’t that much to do in Tulsa 🙂

The last tour had a good week and the first days looks promising as well (Slight Risk). I haven’t had the time to investigate it further but it seems like Southern Texas might be our goal – guess I will be back to chase those Mexican storms rolling in, just like last year.

Depending on whether I will have an internet connection or not, I will be tweeting at @StormChasingUSA and Lanny will be tweeting at @ExtrmChaseTours.