Will talk about storm chasing on Swedish national radio

tornado and radio

Today at noon (Swedish time) I will talk on Swedish national radio (Sveriges Radio P3) about storm chasing and I am really excited! The show is called “FrÃ¥ga vad du vill” which translates to “Ask me anything” so basically, the public will call in or write and ask me anything about chasing storms. Since this is a subject very dear to me and that I love to talk about I feel it is going to be a blast!

This will be the third time in just over two years when I will talk about storm chasing in Swedish radio. I was even invited to talk on a major radio show in New Zealand last year but declined as they had a lot of questions about hurricanes (which I know very little of). In a way it is quite funny that radio shows are so interested in the subject as storm chasing is very visual in its nature.

Anyway, I hope this opportunity will lead to more Swedes finding their way to Tornado Alley to experience one of the greatest adventures on earth!