Storm chasing season 2018 begins…

öresundsbron rain

It has been quite a busy May for me with an amazing family trip to Italy leaving me only with three days to re-pack and get ready for my 2018 chasecation. My plan was to dig a lot deeper into forecasting this season and I did read the Tim Vasquez “Storm forecasting”-book but not more than that. This has also left me with a feeling of not really feeling prepared or mentally ready but that will all come.

As I am writing this I am sitting in my hotel room in Denver, CO, preparing for the first day of my tour with Silver Lining Tours. I had a long flight yesterday which I spent, as I always do, by watching Twister. I even topped it up by watching “Into the Storm“. The flight in itself started off with a spectacular view over Öresundsbron (which is a long bridge connecting Sweden with Denmark) with a rain curtain pretty much exactly on the border.

So, what are my expectations of this season? Well, quite low considering how it has been so far. As far as I understand there has only been one single great tornado day this season – May 1st. I will just hope it will be like in 2009 when there was a Death Ridge allthroughout May only to disappear when I arrived in June. That hasn’t really been the case though but I will just hope for the best. With almost three weeks of chasing I should be here for a few different weather patterns giving me the best chances of experiencing Mother Nature in her worst mood.

Purposely I haven’t looked into any forecasting or SPC yet as I will start the tour with no expectations. Roger did however mention that the week seems to start off active which seems promising!