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"Hey everyone! Thank you for checking out Tornadic Expeditions Storm Chasing tours here on Storm Chasing USA!

At Tornadic Expeditions we provide unmatched customer service and accommodations to our guests. We offer 10, 7 and 6 day tours and on-call single day tours. Our storm chasing vacations are limited to 4 seats per tour. This allows for a FUN, private, personal and comfortable chase experience.The tour van is state of the art with two sources of mobile wifi, power to charge your electronics and a rear monitor to display radar and GPS location. Monitor is also used for entertainment during long drives. Window seats to the action for everyone! We also keep a yeti cooler with bottle water and snacks!

We spend quality time with our guests. You will never be left in the dark! Updates are provided throughout the day during each chase and we'll educate on forecasting, storm anatomy, chase strategy, radar interpretation and much more! You can never ask us too many questions!

Experienced. Meteorology and forecasting is our passion. Producing quality forecast for each chase day is of extreme importance. We have the knowledge to get you in areas of tornado potential each day mother nature offers it. Our video has been featured on every national news outlet in the US and many TV programs. Our 2016 tours hold a 100% tornado success rate. You will be impressed with our ability. Tour Director and Professional Storm Chaser Erik Burns will be your guide on every chase.

We are reviewed and highly recommended by Storm Chasing USA.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Please visit our website and contact us if you have any questions or to book your next storm chasing adventure.

Experienced, Fun and Personal - Tornadic Expeditions Storm Chasing Tours.


-Tornadic Expeditions

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Phone 214-673-1680
Average rating 4.6 of 5
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Tour guides Amanda Burns, Erik Burns,
Vehicles used
  • TE Tour Van 
Why choose Tornadic Expeditions?
  • Value. Our tours are value priced. We are able to maintain competitive pricing since our overhead is lower than larger tour companies. Smaller means a more personal experience and more time spent with our guests.
  • Comfort. We carefully choose the right vehicle. Everyday the tour van is our home. Driving all day is not uncommon. Our guests enjoy the features, spaciousness and comfort of our tour van. Did we mention all the seats recline?
  • Experience. Over 40 years of combined storm chasing experience. Meteorology and severe weather forecasting is our obsession. Being in the right place at the right time is our talent.
Company name: Tornadic Expeditions Storm Chasing Tours (Bells, TX)

Your storm chasing tour will include: Awesome storm chasing van, Experienced storm chasers and forecaster, Lodging, Souvenir T-shirt, Highlights Disc, On Board WiFi, All entry fees to attractions on down days.

Scheduled group tours

Tours in 2017

Tour Name Start Date End Date Price
Tour 1 - The Early Show 2017-04-21 2017-04-29 2550
Tour 2 - May Madness 2017-04-30 2017-05-08 2550
Tour 3 - The Extreme 2017-05-09 2016-05-17 3145
Tour 4 - Prime Intensity 2017-05-18 2016-05-29 3550
Tour 5 - Extreme Instability 2017-05-30 2017-06-07 2550
Tour 6 - Upslope Supercells 2017-06-08 2017-06-15 2200
Tour 7 - Violent Skies 2017-06-19 2017-06-27 2550
Tour 8 - Northern Expedition 2017-07-08 2017-07-16 2550
Tour 9 - The Encore 2017-07-17 2017-07-25 2550

Private and personalized tours

Tour Name Price (USD)
On Call Single Day Storm Chasing Tours 325 Per day (and person)

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Name: Dave A
Tour: Tour 4 - Prime Intensity
Year: 2016
Rating: 5 of 5
Blogged about the tour: Read more

General review

This tour and the service lived up to my expectations and more. The weather cooperated fully and the tour guide Erik was on top of it every step of the way, even before weather services such as the SPC. Even when tornadoes did not form the storms we were on were always in at least a "watch" and always had the potential.

Although I had not been on any other tours with any other guides before, I felt Eric & Tornadic Expeditions were professional and responsible while adding Erik's enthusiasm and personal touch. There was good communication throughout the process of setting up, during and after.

My other tour member also made the chase interesting and fun since he happened to be from Sweden and had a fair amount of experience in chasing.

The evening accommodations were clean and comfortable as well. Always had a good breakfast included and most had pools (which we could have used some nights but did not).\

All in all, I would certainly use Erik and Tornadic Expeditions again if I go.

Tour guide

Erik was our tour guide and he brings a very enthusiastic attitude about the pursuit and the finish (even if did not finish in a tornado). I think the only criticism I had is that I am a nervous passenger in any car. Erik is constantly analyzing the conditions to give the best chances for a catch. However, he does occassionly become what I considered as "caught up" in the analysis during the drives. I did try to assist by keeping an eye on the road when the tornadoes were not in view. This gave me a little comfort since he could hear me mention things about the road conditions... but as I said to start, I am a bit of a nervous passanger.


The vehicle was quite comfortable for me. It was a mini van with 4 captain's chairs and a bench. We were not at full capacity but it would have still been comfortable with an additional 2 people (I think). Our experienced other member had a bit of an issue with somewhat obscurred view from the rear but I was fine with it since much of the best views were while we stopped to observe and indeed we had plenty to view on this trip.

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Name: Christoffer B
Tour: Tour 4 - Prime Intensity
Year: 2016
Rating: 4 of 5
Blogged about the tour: Read more

General review

I was chasing with Tornadic Expeditions and Erik Burns as one of their first guests ever. We were treated with one of the best weather setups in ages with notably the Dodge City tornado outbreak (which we saw) and the 90 minute Chapman tornado (that we missed) during our week. All in all we some something between 15-20 tornadoes, which is absolutely incredible!

The tour itself was in most aspects great. We started each morning by going through the forecast so we would understand what would happen during the chase. During the chase and at each stop Erik would explain what was happening and answer every question with good and elaborate answers, which was highly educational.

The tour was an emotional rollercoaster starting off with seeing tornadoes three days out of four, including the amazing Dodge City-tornadoes. We unfortunately missed on the Chapman tornado just like many others, but it still was a huge bummer. Then we experienced the "perfect setup" on our last day that turned to a state wide-bust. Erik still managed to find a supercell in OK where we were some of the first ones to be on.

All in all, it was a great tour, especially considering it was the first one for Tornadic Expeditions and I can highly recommend TE for other guests. The 4 out of 5 is a strong 4.

Tour guide

Erik Burns did a great job forecasting the storms and "gave" us the chase of a lifetime in terms of the Dodge City tornado outbreak by recognizing the pattern early enough for us to blast up there, despite having another target selected. As with most other tour guides we caught some tornadoes and missed some other days.

As a tour guide Erik is very friendly, energetic and involved/emotional. You can tell he really loves tornadoes and will share both ups and downs with you, maybe even to a greater extent than most guests!

He is highly dedicated to make the tour guests feel welcome and catered for during the tour.


We drove a very comfortable Toyota van that was equipped with a screen for the passengers in the back to be able to watch radar etc, which is a VERY good feature all tour vans should have.

There is plenty of leg room and the van has both USB and regular power outlets as well as WiFi, which is very convenient.

The only thing that bothered me is that the van has reduced visibility out the front window but Erik told me he would reconsider arrangements for that until next season, based on our feedback.

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Name: Guido Flock
Tour: Tour 6 - Upslope Supercells
Year: 2016
Rating: 5 of 5

General review

Fantastic tour!
This was my first storm chasing adventure and as I arrived it seemed like I hit a bad week. But Erik alsways kept looking forward and stayed optimistic. We drove from Denver all the way up to Montana because our chances looked good up there. Erik picked the right storm and we sure scored an EF3 tornado. While we were watching the storm itself Eric explained to me all about the structure and and the weather conditions we were observing. Safety, this can be said for sure, was always his first priority. He always did a very professional forcast, which payed off. During down-days he kept me busy by visiting local attracttions like wildlifeparks.

Tour guide

Erik is a very professional and friendly storm chaser !
Even in a bad outlook he stayed optimistic and caught the best storm. He has a lot of humor and made me laught a lot. He is a great guy and he knows how to inspire people. He sure did the best out of the weather out there.


Very comfortable van! Yeti cooler and A/C made it even better. No problem spending 13 houres in it !

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Name: M. Bears
Tour: Tour 2 - May Fest
Year: 2017
Rating: 4 of 5

General review

Professional, passionate and personable are three words that sum up Erik Burn ‘s Tornadic Expeditions tours. I signed up for Tour 2, 2017 which unfortunately was a week without tornadoes. Erik did his best in the first few days of the tour to find a weather system that could produce the storm but sadly, Mother Nature was not in the mood to show her might then or for the rest of the week. Erik successfully plied his meteorological skills in determining a strategic route in which to intercept a tornado but the best we were able to do is chase a storm through eastern Texas which eventually came up short. Although the week was a “bust” when it came to tornadic weather, Erik did his best to entertain us, spending two days in beautiful Galveston Beach where we saw some terrific sites, (i.e. alligators and a very unique waterbird rookery), the National Weather Center in Norman OK and the Twister Museum. Erik has a very pleasant personality and sense of humor and bends over backwards to make sure his guests are having the best time possible. Guests should be aware that there’s a lot of time riding in the van which can be quite boring if you’re not chasing a storm. Nonetheless, the van was comfortable and Erik played videos during the long drives. Many times we checked into our hotels very late. This may have been different if the week had been stormier. I highly recommend Tornadic Expeditions and will try again, with them, to see a tornado!

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Name: Roman Lutz
Tour: Tour 3 - May Madness
Year: 2017
Rating: 5 of 5

General review

Rolling with Erik and Adam from Tornadic Expeditions was nothing short of an amazing experience!

It was great to be on tour with people who appreciate everything about weather just as much as we, the guests, do.

We got to see it all - Amazingly structured super cells, mezmerizing lightning, huge hail and - most importantly - several tornadoes, on the first and the last day, amongt them one beautiful, fully condensed tornado that was on the ground for 10 minutes with a great rope-out!

Even on the off days when there was nothing going on in the sky, Erik and Adam did all they could to keep the guests entertained and make it worth their while.

On the chase days, you could really tell that they live for this and that they want to see Tornadoes just as much as all of the guests do. Great commitment! THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING TRIP!

Tour guide

Erik and Adam were very professional. They ensured that all guests were safe, comfortable and entertained.

Extremely nice guys who will answer all of your questions any time with a great deal of expertise - these people know what they are talking about and are VERY skillful when it comes to finding the right spot to watch severe weather.

Also, very chill and cool guys to hang out with after a long chase day!


Tornadic Expeditions use a small 6-seat van, that is 2 Tour Operators and 4 guests. Very comfortable, cosy vehicle. Equipped with an extra screen for the guests/passengers in the back seats, which enables them to follow what's going on in the weather models and/or to watch movies/other forms of entertainment on down days.

As a guest from abroad, it was very convenient to have WiFi access on the van and to be able to go online with it. Also, they provide a large USB hub in the back area of the van, so all guests can charge their phones, cameras, laptops and whatnot at all times.

I would advise anyone rolling with Tornadic Expeditions to not bring too much luggage, as the space in the trunk is somewhat limited, but definitely enough to accommodate luggage for a one-week or 10-day tour.

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