All existing deals, discounts and available seats on storm chasing tours 2019

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March is the season where many storm chasing tour companies either are starting to get cancellations and/or are getting eager to sell out the last seats on tours. Thus, there are numerous new openings on tours as well as a lot of great discounts on storm chasing tours. I have made a list of all the existing discounts, deals and (to some extent) available seats that exist on storm chasing tours for the 2019 season. Feel free to put a comment if you know of any other discount that should be included!

Silver Lining Tours

All tours were sold out but a few seats has been re-opened due to cancellations. One on Tour 4 (May) and three on Tour 7 in June. You get a $300 on these particular seats using the voucher code “STORMCHASINGUSA” when you book. This discount is not posted on Silver Lining Tours website!

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Storm Chasing Adventure Tours

Storm Chasing Adventure Tours offer all their remaining tours at different discounts:

  • Tour 2 is $2300. Save $200.
  • Tour 3 is $2400. Save $100.
  • Tour 5 is $2400. Save $200.
  • Tour 7 is $2100. Save $600.

You can also use the voucher code “STORMCHASINGUSA” for an additional $100 discount, valid on each tour.

Book your tour at: .

Tornadic Expeditions

Tornadic Expeditions have very few seats left and the ones that are left are heavily discounted: 

  • Tour 6 (June): 2 seats left. Was $2,400, now $250 off for the price $2,150
  • Tour 8 (July): 1 seat left. Was $3,450, now $700 off for the price $2,750

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Tempest Tours

Tempest Tours have very few seats left on their tours. The one seat open on Tour 3 is currently discounted $200.  This discount can also be combined with a $50 discount using the voucher code “STORMCHASINGUSA”.

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Extreme Tornado Tours

(Edited March 18th) Extreme Tornado Tours offer $500 (!) on their remaining seats on Tours 1, 4 & 7. This offer is only valid until March 21st so you have to decide quickly!

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StormGroup Chasers

This non-profit tour company that always sell out early have had a cancellation on Tour 3 which means there is one seat left: The 10 day tour in late May for $2.675.

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Other discounts and deals.

  • Extreme Chase Tours offer a $100 discount on Mayhem Tour 1 (early May) to a total price of $1.900.

No known discounts:

  • Cloud 9 Tours: No known discounts, several seats left on Tour 1 and Tour 3.
  • No known discounts. Some seats left on tours – mainly in June.
  • Weather Adventures: Completely sold out!

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