Arriving in OKC – not as a zombie!

It feels really great to finally be on my way again. I have landed in OKC now after a very pleasant flight. When I travel from Sweden to the USA I always fly really early in the morning and arrive in the evening in OKC. This typically means getting up at ~2-3 AM to get to the airport and fly dead-tired for 20 hours. I actually love these long-haul trips but I don’t like to be tired all the time, so this year I decided to sleep the night at a Copenhagen airport hotel and it was a brilliant decision. I was able to stay alert and be productive (work on etc) throughout the entire trip and I wasn’t too tired when I arrived, even though it was ~2.30 AM “my time” when I got the the hotel.

This year, I am chasing with StormGroup Chasers and tour guide Peter Wharton from New Zealand. StormGroup chasers is a small non-profit tour operator that I have been in contact with for many years, so I am quite happy to finally be able to chase with them.

I had a quick dinner with the group, that consists of me, Peter and four Dutch guys. It seems to be a very pleasant group that I am looking forward to chase with in the next 10 days.

As always, I don’t check out the forecast until I land. In case of situations like last season, I don’t want to know of any Death Ridges or Omega Blocks that will ruin my trip. The season has been quite active so far, and even though it may start off slow it shows to be reasonable active during my chasecation, so I am grateful for that!

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