We went down to Texas our last day and I’m now on my way home from there. I will have about 2 hours sleep before I go to the airport and then back to Stockholm.

We ended Day 13 at a gimmick Texas theme restaurant – The Great Texan. They had bull cojones (“mountain mushrooms”) and rattlesnake on the menu. The rattlesnake, was unfortunately not in season and the bull balls tasted… not good. Instead I had a bloody piece of 18 oz  M E A T .

On a stage in the restaurant you could challenge the restaurant in an attempt to finish a 72 ounce piece of meat including baked potatoes, salads and snacks – all in one hour. If you can make it you get the food for free. Two men accepted the challenge, one was successful but it sure looked painful. Only in America!

The last day was actually the opposite of most other days, and actually resembled the first day the most. No real storm clouds, a long elusive search of a cloud but, in fact, a tornado!

Not everything is bigger in Texas, at least when it comes to tornadoes. Today’s tornado crept down from the cloud, sniffing gently at the ground and retreated back to the safety of the wall cloud again – all in about 8 seconds flat. I just had enough time to put down my binoculars and take a picture of it in horizon. In addition to this we managed to see some spectacular lightning, including five parallel flashes simultaneously!

This was the end of my trip and I really would love to go back for the next season as well. It is, however, a bit expensive. I will see how things turn out but I really would like to! This trip was one of the most amazing things I have done in my life and I have been travelling everywhere from the Amazon jungle to Sydney.

The funny thing is that I have never before had a real interest for weather, and in a way I still don’t. I am just so completely amazed in how spectacular severe weather is!

great texan steak house
Great Texan steak house
meat in detail
Detail Study of my food at the Texan Stake House. Excised muscles with third degree burns from a smelly animals – mmm …. Tasty!
Carnivores – this guy had 72 oz of meat, together with a baked potato and salad…in 30 minutes!
chicken tornado
This chicken tornado just dared to be on the ground in a few seconds.

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