Day 13 – The last repositioning

Sitting in the car now on the way from Colorado to Texas to position for the very last Storm Chasing Day. Texas is supposed to be quite promising for tomorrow, and Texas feels good – everything is a bit bigger in Texas – and it was here we saw our first super-cell. I heard this morning  that some other storm chasers (again) had seen a tornado just minutes away from where we experienced our 80 mph winds the other day. So it was not completely in vain when I peered out the window, waiting for a tornado to appear.

This was the second time in a short time we ended up very close to a tornado without knowing it. Apparently, we had fallen between the outflow and inflow – if you look at the pictures from Day 12 you will see what that means. Rain which basically comes in from the side together with powerful winds.

I have probably gained a few pounds during these two weeks – we eat very poorly and basically do not move at all. I can hardly recall what vegetables look like!