I do not remember if it was the same storm with the tornado that we ended up by a bit later again, but I believe it was. We stopped out on a field where a wall cloud came in slowly and majestically. It was the perfect arrangement for a beautiful tornado, but the rotation was not strong enough. It created a very clear funnel (i.e. a tornado that does not reach the ground) but could never reach all the way down. A very beautiful experience that I could enjoy more now that the adrenaline had begun to subside.

funnel cloud
A funnel cloud out on the wheat field.
We stop again, this time since our tour guides wanted to talk to a guy that has been doing storm chasing in 50 years! It’s the guy in white, I saw him in a book I bought later so I guess he is somewhat of a storm chasing celebrity.
sun dogs
This was one of those days when everything goes right and you see things everywhere. To the left of the sun is a so called “sun dog”, a miniature sun next to the sun (as a part of a halo). A celestial phenomenon that I have no idea whatsoever of how it arises.
two supercells with anvils
Two super-cells joining each other. One can see the lenticular clouds on the right cloud and Mammatus on the anvil (”roof cloud”) above.
Here you can clearly see that there are strong winds on a higher altitude. They pull out the upper part of clouds to an anvil.
long train
A picture where the camera, for once, is not pointing upwards. An incredibly long train.