Hail – how it looks inside

I was out on a chase in 2009 and it was one of those days when the setup was just perfect for severe storms. But, just as it quite often is when the setup is perfect, the anticipation is through the roof and there are thousands of cars on the roads. There are also so many storms to go for you end up in the rain and always thinking if you should have gone for that other storm. This day was one of days, and we didn’t catch any tornado or anything really spectacular – except for the hail.

We were driving through a small town in Missouri (can’t remember which one anymore) where a tornado warned storm had just passed by. People were coming out of their storm shelters, quite relieved that it was “only” hail that messed up their town. The hail was quite large and the largest were softball sized! It was cool to see the different types of hail that was covering the ground as well. We used a flashlight to shine through it to see how the layers had been built up.

Soft ball sized hail
Soft ball sized hail


Most of the hail from this storm was ping pong-sized


hail core
It is quite easy to see that this hail has two different layers.


hail core in flash light
We used a flashlight to better see the structure of the hail.




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