My best lightning shots

It was not until my third storm chasing tour where I bought a tripod in order to be able to take some lightning shots. I bought it at WalMart for about $15 and it was among the cheapest ones but it did the trick. Using the BULB feature on my Canon I was able to take these lightning shots. The most difficult thing was to catch the lightnings in the frame, many of these photos were cropped to a fraction of the original size since the lightning appeared in a corner almost every time.

Outside of cropping and resizing, these images have not been improved in Photoshop.


Double lightning
Double lightning


This lightning was nearly missed and appeared in the bottom right corner. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the entire lightning but is still one of my best lightning shots.


Lightning bolt
Also one of my best lightning shots, a bit better framed than the one above. I love how you can see the redish light in the cloud.


Long lightning bolt
I like how you can follow the full length of this lightning bolt, and how it kind of makes a turn to the right.