Just when I open up the box of StormChasingUSA.com merch…

selfie with double rainbow

If this blog post would be a true click bait the title of this would be: “Just when I open the box the incredible thing happens”. It was really cool though.

A couple of days ago I ordered some merch for StormChasingUSA.com: some t-shirts, business cards and a cap. I want to be able to distribute them during this year’s storm chasing season. Today I got the box and brought it back home to unwrap it and take a photo with me in it. Right when I have opened everything and put on the t-shirt and the cap I look outside the window and see this:

double rainbow
Double rainbow just outside my window in Malmö, Sweden.

Actually, when I looked outside it was only a single rainbow. I got out to take my selfie with the rainbow and realize, when I look at the photo, that it is in fact a double rainbow.

If this is not a sign that 2016 will be a great storm chasing season, I don’t know what is!

selfie with double rainbow
The selfie with me wearing the merch.