Chase season 2016 is booked!

When I went on my first chase back in 2009 I really did not expect to make it a habit but it really stuck to me and I am now booked for my 6th season! I will be landing on May 19th to chase with Tornadic Expeditions (Erik Burns) for a week and then chase with my chase partner David Williams for some 10 more days.

Last season was “ok”, mainly because I got to see the Canadian-tornado outbreak but it was a rather unfortunate season with a lot of misses. I specifically remember June 4th which had one of the most amazing tornadoes I have ever seen…in Colorado…We , however, picked the seemingly great KS-target that day.

Fortunately last season had a lot of great things as well, especially like all the great and interesting people I met. I love being out in the middle of nowhere and bump into someone and be like: “Hey, aren’t you Jim so-and-so? We emailed each other a year ago”.

So, I guess my expectations are relatively well tuned for this season and I look forward to check out a new tour company.