June 2nd is finally within reach, the date I will leave to go on this year’s chasecation. I was planning to go in late May as usual but I was a bit too slow in booking my trip so Tornado Alley Chasing ran out of seats for that period – leaving me to chase in June. I also got an offer from last season’s tour company, Tornadic Expeditions, to come and chase with them in late May but I had already bought my flight at that point and it would have been too expensive to change it.

Thus, I have been following the season closely, especially since May 18th, when I was scheduled to land. In fact, May 18th was a High Risk day (which delivered reasonably as well) and I was quite bummed about the fact that I missed out on it due to my choice, until I realized I would have landed late on May 18th and would juuuust have missed out on everything anyway! That would have been way worse! Outside of that, there hasn’t been any spectactular action in late May.

In fact, it seems like 2017 have been really slow in general. I really hope it turns to the better, just like in 2009, when June comes. On top of my wish list is a Colorado LP-tornado. Nonetheless, I am just happy to be able to go chasing again!

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