Talking about storm chasing on national radio in Sweden

christoffer björkwall radio p3 morgonpasset

christoffer björkwall radio p3 morgonpasset
Foto: Paulo Saka/SR
Yesterday I was a guest at one of the most popular national radio shows in Sweden, “Morgonpasset i P3”. I was invited to talk about storm chasing. I was a bit nervous before but this wasn’t my first time on live radio and not even the first time talking about storm chasing (previous time in Sveriges radio P4, a local public radio station was just 10 minutes though). 🙂

I had a lot of fun with the awesome crew at Morgonpasset and they said they might invite be to come back again after this season’s chase. It was extra fun as it is the morning show I typically listen to myself.

Listen to the radio show here (in Swedish).