Day 2: Traveling to Denver, CO


There is really not much to say about June 4th, Day 2 on this chase, other than it was a looong day. We got up and into the Stormtrooper at 9 a.m. and finally arrived in Denver at 10.30, some 13.5 hours later! That did include a stop in Wakita, OK, for a visit to the Twister museum. I was curious to see whether my high score on the pinball was still there (it wasn’t).

At least while driving in towards Denver we saw a nice little thunderstorm in the far west but that is really everything. I still have a cold and feel tired most of the time but I hope I will get better until the storms start showing up. Tomorrow is likely going to be a complete down day with a visit to some national park. I love Colorado and the mountains so I am really looking forward to it.

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