Day 1: The ridge. Omg. The ridge!

the moon bixby oklahoma

I arrived late on June 2nd after a long but pretty decent flight. Well, outside of the fact that I lost my iPhone on the first leg of the flight! It was a matter of many small coincidences as I am usually quite careful when it comes to my iPhone. It really sucks as it was in the beginning of the vacation and although the iPhone is not as crucial as my laptop, passport or camera – it really put a damper on my spirit.

I was not feeling to well either, having caught a cold just the day before, so I slept for a long time but still woke up sick. The “good” news, however, was that I could continue to rest because of the ridge sitting over the Midwest effectively removing all threat/possibilities of severe weather.

It has been an extremely slow season so my expectations were quite low, but it seems like the turnout is probably worse than my expectations. It seems like I am looking at starting of this season with 4-5 down days. I am not all that bummed out though as we are a really nice group of friends and we have plans to go hiking etc as well, basically a normal road trip in the US – and that’s not all that bad…as long as the weather pattern changes until I go back!!

The day was made up of preparations for the rest of the week: buying snacks at Costco, buying cold medicine etc but we also went out to an airfield where Alex (the other Swede in the car) had a flying lesson.

Now, we are off to finish the night watching Twister (of course)!





the moon bixby oklahoma

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