Day 7 – Picnic sunday in between chases

Our only real plan for Sunday was to go to Rocky Raskovitchs storm chaser picnic in Piedmont outside of Oklahoma City, so David and I went out there. I was kind of hoping to find someone I might be able to chase with since I was looking left and right for options. Some 15 chasers joined the picnic including Charles Edwards from Cloud 9, again!

Charles had just picked up new tour guests and was on his way up north after the picnic. They still had room in the van so I was trying to cut a deal and more important, find a way, in which I could actually come along.

One option would be to just go with them directly after the picnic but I had left for the picnic just with the clothes I had on me, my iPhone and my wallet. In a way that was all I would really need but it would not be all that pleasurable and I would miss my cameras and computer to unload all photos. I was trying to figure out if it would be possible to catch up with them with a rental van but finally had to realize it was impossible.

Instead we went back home and had a great dinner. David taught me some forecasting and then we watched Skip Talbot’s excellent Storm Spotter’s secrets: