Why you need to bring your iPhone on your storm chasing trip

Yesterday I brought up a fun way to play with your iPhone panorama functionality but the panorama functionality is really useful for your storm photos as well. I assume there is a similar functionality on Android as well but I don’t know (I only have an iPhone). I learned about panorama shooting from Mike Ricciardi that I had the pleasure to chase with in May 2013.

The great benefit of shooting photos with the panorama view is for people, like me, that don’t have a camera with a great wide angle view. It allows for cool storm structure shots anyway.


How to use panorama shots in your iPhone

If you have never tried it on your iPhone, this is how you do it:

  1. Start the camera app
  2. Click Alternatives and choose Panorama (on iOS 6 and before) or swipe to choose Panorama (on iOS 7).
  3. Hold the camera in “portrait mode” and sweep from left to right. Make sure the arrow stays on the line.
  4. You don’t have to make a full sweep so you can stop any time.


Storm chasing photos in panorama view

These photos were all taken on my 2013 chase with Tempest Tours. Click on each photo to see a larger version.


Sunset photo with iphone panorama

Super cell with iphone panorama photo

texas storm with iphone panorama

nice inflow storm structure

storm structure with nice colors

inside of a storm chasing van iphone panorama
The inside of a storm chasing van.


The panorama photos sometimes gets strange geometrical patterns and other anomalies but generally works really well. Naturally, the shorter the sweep, the less elongated the photo will become as you can see in certain photos above.

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