Putting up old tour chase experiences on this blog

I have started adding, to this blog, some of my older chase blog entries that I first wrote for my personal blog (in Swedish) but later translated into English. I thought it would be interesting for the readers to be able to read my experiences with other tour companies as well.

I’m starting off with my 2009 tour with Cloud 9 that, weather wise, is the best tour so far. We caught the amazing La Grange-tornado in Wyoming (that was the most well studied tornado of all times) and had some other really cool experiences as well. I back-dated the entries to the dates they were actually experienced.

This tour was also my first one and I decided to not change the text of how I wrote it in the first place which includes quite a few misunderstandings by me of what actually happened. For example, quite often I mistook shelf clouds and scud for being wall clouds.

Anyway, you can start reading from my first post or find all entries in the Cloud 9-category.