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face in the clouds

During my 9 seasons I have collected a lot of amazing storm footage. Photos I have collected and show both here on as well as on my Instagram account. Although I am happy about all the amazing photos I have taken I am, like many other chasers, never really satisfied with my collection or the fine details in quality of certain photos. I guess I am a bit over-critical in terms of how I framed a certain photo, the blur in another and the camera settings I used on another (which is my most common regret). Up until now I still consider this photo, from my last season in 2019, to be the best I have ever taken. I have framed it and it hangs in out living room.

best photo ever
My best storm photo. Ever. Kansas, 2019.

When I got an email with a request to purchase the rights to use a photo of mine, this was the one I expected the request to be about, but it wasn’t. The online Psychology magazine was making an article about seeing faces in the clouds might be a sign of creativity and want to use this photo:

The photo wanted to use. This is a zoomed in version of the original photo.

I took this photo on my first storm chasing tour and on my first supercell ever, just outside Canadian, TX, in June 2009. I caught a glimpse of it through the other passenger window and had a WOW!-moment. Leaned over and took the photo. Just a few seconds later it dissipated. I am quite happy about how absolutely perfect the face looks in the cloud including nostrils, lips, cheeks and everything!

Read the article in about faces in the clouds and creativity here.

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