Which tour companies are still running tours in 2020 (update)?

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I have made a sendout to all storm chasing tour companies to ask for an update on whether they run tours in 2020 or not. In general, the ones who do run tours did not run their early tours (April, early May) and had some of their tour guests from those tours being moved to tours later in the season (and many are also moving tour guests to the 2021 season). Some tour companies have extended their season further into July because of this. Many tour companies are running their tours with their vans half full due to cancellations.

All of the tour companies running tours at this moment are taking strict precautions to protect their tour guests and the population where the tours are chasing.

Tour companies that chase in 2020

These tour companies are still running tours (and accept bookings), although they may have cancelled some tours earlier in the season.

  • Extreme Tornado Tours
  • Silver Lining Tours
  • Storm Chasing Adventure Tours
  • StormChasingTour.com (only running tours in June)
  • Tempest Tours
  • Tornadic Expeditions (Scheduled to run later in the season but this is still to be decided)
  • Tornado Adventures

Tour companies who have cancelled all tours in 2020

  • Cloud 9 tours
  • College of DuPage
  • Extreme Chase Tours
  • F5 Tornado Safaris
  • StormGroup Chasers
  • Twisted Sky Tours

For everyone who was supposed to chase this season but couldn’t, because of the Pandemic, it may be a relief to hear that the chase season of 2020 so far has not been great at all. Many chasers are talking about this season to have been the worst in many, many years. We are however only half way into the season and

How about 2021?

It is obviously very difficult to say anything about the 2021 season right now, at least in terms of the Pandemic. What can be said is that there are two opposite forces affecting the bookings. Many who were supposed to chase in 2020 have been rescheduled to 2021 which makes these tours fill up quickly. On the other hand, there is also an uncertainty among tour guests whether the Pandemic will affect 2021 as well, which puts a damper on tour bookings.

At this time, it is much too early to tell but keep yourself posted about the bookings at the tour company you want to chase with in 2021 as seats could fill up quicker than normal – especially if the Pandemic situation is starting to look better.

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