Storm chasers and tour staff

This is a list of storm chasers and storm chasing tour staff that are (or have been) associated with any of the tour operators mentioned on this website. Click the name to find out more about the person.

NameRoleTour operator
Adam CukerDriver And Tour GuideTornadic Expeditions
Adam Lucio
Adam YoungTour GuideManitoba Storm Chasers
Alec Scholten
Andrew Gardiner
Andrew Revering
Anthony HoDriver And Tour GuideStorm Chasing Adventure Tours
Anton FalcoDriverF5! Tornado Safaris
Barbara RobertsonPDS Storm Tours
Becky Walden
Bill CarruthersTour GuideManitoba Storm Chasers
Bill Combes
Bill KesslerTour GuideSilver Lining Tours
Bill RhodeTour GuideSilver Lining Tours
Bill Schintler
Bill SchuesslerTour GuideTempest Tours
Blake BrownTour GuideExtreme Tornado Tours
Blake KnappTour Guide And DirectorWeather Adventures
Blake Naftel
Bob SmithDriver And Tour GuideTempest Tours
Bob ConzemiusDriver And Tour GuideTempest Tours
Brad NelsonTour Guide And MeteorologistSilver Lining Tours
Brad Carter
Brad MatterDriverStormGroup Chasers
Brandon IveyDriver And Tour
Braydon Morisseau
Brian A. MorgantiDriver And Tour Guide
Brian HastingsTour GuideTempest Tours
Brian J. SpencerTour GuideCloud 9 Tours
Bridget Geaughan
Bruce OmoriTour GuideStorm Chase Tour Of The Great Plains
Bryan PezmanTour Guide And OwnerStorm Chase Tour Of The Great Plains
Camille Seaman
Caryn HillTour GuideSilver Lining Tours
Chad BerryhillExtreme Chase Tours
Charles DoswellSpecial GuestTempest Tours
Charles EdwardsTour Guide And DirectorCloud 9 Tours
Chris BrownDriver And Tour GuideStorm Chasing Adventure Tours
Chris ChittickTornado Hunters (Canada)
Chris GullicksonDriver And Tour GuideTempest Tours
Chris MargisonDriver And Tour Guide
Chris McBeeRapid Rotation Tours
Chris PekichTour GuideTempest Tours
Chris Strahan
Cindy DeweesDriver And Tour GuideStorm Chasing Adventure Tours
Colt ForneyTour GuideSilver Lining Tours
Damon BeardenRapid Rotation Tours
Dan RobinsonDriver And Tour GuideStorm Highway
Danny GonzalesDriver And Tour Guide
Dave Crane
Dave Dildine
Dave HolderTour GuideTwisted Sky Tours
David Gold
David MooreDriverStormGroup Chasers
David WilliamsTour Guide And DirectorTornado Alley Chasing
Dean CosgroveWindswept Chase Tours
Debbie Mason
Dennis Jones
Diana Amesz
Doug Raflik
Drew MyerDriver And Tour GuideWeather Adventures
Eric Duncan
Erik BurnsTour Guide And DirectorTornadic Expeditions
Erin Brown
Frank Hankins
Gary A. ChristmannTour GuideTempest Tours
Gene RobertsonPDS Storm Tours
George Kourounis
Glenn Geise
Greg JohnsonTour Guide And DirectorTornado Hunters (Canada)
Greg McLaughlinSilver Lining Tours
Gregg PotterTour Guide And DirectorF5! Tornado Safaris
Isaac Pato
James BreitenbachTour GuideSilver Lining Tours
Jamie SchulhinForecasterF5! Tornado Safaris
Jan BechtumDriverStormGroup Chasers
Jason WebbDriverF5! Tornado Safaris
Jason WeingartTour Guide And Director And OwnerTornado Adventures
Jeanne PotterDriver
Jeff Baumann
Jeff SmithExtreme Chase Tours
Jenna BlumSpecial Guest
Jennifer DunnDriver And Tour Guide
Jeremy Higginson
Jim ReedSpecial Guest
Jim Sellars
Jimmy Deguara
JoAnna JohnstonHigh Plains Tours
Jock McGinty
Joe Lawton
John GuytonCloud 9 Tours
Johnny RowlandsHeliChasers
Jon WatsonDriver And Tour Guide
Jordan CarruthersDriver And OwnerManitoba Storm Chasers
Justin NoonanTour GuideSilver Lining Tours
Justin PletschTempest Tours
Karen Ransom
Keith B. BrownDriver And Tour Guide
Kelly DeLaySpecial Guest
Kevin Barton
Kevin RolfsExtreme Tornado Tours
Kevin Harned
Kinney AdamsDriver And Tour Guide
Lanny DeanTour Guide And DirectorExtreme Chase Tours
Laura Cowen
Laura DeanTour Guide And DirectorExtreme Chase Tours
Lauren Forney
Mandy GrossSWC Expeditions
Marcia Perez
Marcus Gutierrez
Marcus HusteddeTour GuideSilver Lining Tours
Mark Humphrey
Mark Lingl
Martin LisiusTour Guide And DirectorTempest Tours
Matt Amesz
Matt GransDriver And Tour GuideWeather Adventures
Matt Phelps
Matt SpeerDriver
Melanie Metz
Mike Devera
Mike DouglasDriverF5! Tornado Safaris
Mike OlbinskiTour GuideCentral Plains Chasing Tours
Mike Theiss
Nick DrieschmanExtreme Tornado Tours
Nick SelwayTour GuideStorm Chase Tour Of The Great Plains
Parker KoppesStorm Chase Tour Of The Great Plains
Patrick Martin
Paul LyonsTour GuideSilver Lining Tours
Paul Manganelli
Paul ShermanTour GuideWeather Holidays (UK)
Peggy Willenberg
Peter WhartonDriver And Tour GuideStormGroup Chasers
Phil BrownDriver And Tour GuideStorm Chasing Adventure Tours
Prof. Paul SirvatkaTour GuideCOD Storm Chasing
Rachel SagerRapid Rotation Tours
Randy HallDriverStormGroup Chasers
Reed TimmerSpecial Guest
Rich HamelTour GuideSilver Lining Tours
Richard GrossTour Guide And DirectorSWC Expeditions
Richard RagoneMeteorologistF5! Tornado Safaris
Rick YoungDriverStormGroup Chasers
Ricky ForbesTornado Hunters (Canada)
Rob PetittTour GuideTempest Tours
Rob PetittDriver And Tour GuideTempest Tours
Robert EdmondsTour Guide And DirectorChasing.Tours
Roger HillTour Guide And DirectorSilver Lining Tours
Ron ReimersmaTour GuideTempest Tours
Ron StenzTour GuideCOD Storm Chasing
Rook AndalusDriver And Tour GuideTempest Tours
Rusty NelsonTour GuideSilver Lining Tours
Ryan ShepardTour GuideSilver Lining Tours
Ryan HokeDriver And Tour GuideStorm Chasing Adventure Tours
Ryan SandbergTour GuideTwisted Sky Tours
Sarah Kogler
Savannah WeingartTour GuideTornado Adventures
Scott Olson
Scott Weberpal
Seth PriceHigh Plains Tours
Shanda HinnantTour Guide And DirectorTwisted Sky Tours
Shane Adams
Stacy Gifford
Steve Carey
Steve Hamilton
Steve PekichTour GuideTempest Tours
Steve SavianoOwner And MeteorologistStorm Chase Tour Of The Great Plains
Stuart RobinsonTour Guide And Director
T.J. SmithDriver
Terry Buck
Tim Kosier
Tim LoganMeteorologistF5! Tornado Safaris
Tim Wiegman
Todd ThornTour Guide And DirectorStorm Chasing Adventure Tours
Tom HowleyTour GuideSilver Lining Tours
Tony Laubach
Tyler Mleynek
Wayne Harrah
William T. ReidDriver And Tour GuideTempest Tours

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