Relaxing and soothing videos of storms and tornadoes

relaxing storms video

At home, we have a Samsung “The Frame” TV. You know, one of those that you can put in “Art mode” and it looks like a painting. We don’t have it connected to the normal cable but internet only. As such, we only watch streamed content on YouTube or Netflix. Most of the time, we have one of those hour long landscape videos with soothing spa music running on it. It gives a lovely atmosphere to the room and sort of acts like a live painting.

I have, of course, been lacking videos like these but with storms and videos on them! So, I made one myself today. I took some of my longest videos, added a spa music track (from SoundCloud) and Voilá!

I realized, when put it up on a large TV that there are some quality issues with the video clips I made, as well as the transfer over to this clip (I’m no video wiz) but I hope you may enjoy it as well!

Please, if you have good material yourself. Create one yourself and upload to YouTube so I have some more videos to roll in my living room. Tag them with #TornadoSpa, so I can find more!

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