Storm chasing music: My “Getting Charged Up to Chase” playlist

epic storm chasing music

Music is a big part of my life and I have some sort of music on during much of the hours I am awake. I use music to accompany my mood or use it to change or enhance my mood. When it comes to storm chasing I usually travel with others and we usually go with conversation over music. While actively chasing you can’t really have loud music on either as communication is important and you want to stay focused. There is however one time when we put the volume up and put on music and that’s when we are in our target area, have been waiting for a while and finally see an updraft worthy of chasing. I.e. when “The Chase is On!” That’s when we (or at least I) play this “Epic Storm Chasing music” playlist!

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When I chase with David we always play the “Twister Soundtrack”. Unfortunately the soundtrack is not on Spotify (we play it on CD) but you can listen to it on YouTube. I have mixed my “Epic Storm Chasing music” playlist with Twister Soundtrack songs in this playlist.