Day 15 – Last day in Tulsa

Our last day in Tulsa was just spent hanging out and I really needed the rest after over two weeks on the road with very few days of resting. We took the time to clean up the car and go out for a bit of dinner.

If I would sum these last two weeks I would say it has been a mix of excitement, fun but also frustration. I had a great day in Canadian, TX, with a small tornado outbreak but considering how many tornadic storms we were on and how many promising days there has been I am not happy with only one day of tornadoes. Far too many days have been quite disappointing.

On a positive note I have had the chance of chasing every day and it has mostly been decent setups. I have seen storms almost every day although they were mostly rainy and quite messy ones. I have however learned a lot by partner chasing and I really liked it much more. I liked being more involved in the decisions and the chasing and it makes a lot more financial sense.

For a while I felt that I would not likely come back to chase next year due to the high cost of chasing with tours as well as flying over from Sweden to get here. Having met new friends over here makes it a whole lot different. It’s much more fun and not just only about the storms anymore.

Tomorrow I am flying home and I know I will mostly only remember the good chase days in some time. I also know I will get back to experience more tornadoes next year.

kansas sunset

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