Day 10 (June 5th) – Chasing among spectacular landscapes in WY/SD

shear funnel

This was probably one of the most relaxing and, in terms of surroundings, beautiful day ever. We started at our hotel in Denver and went up north towards Montana. We got almost to the border when a storm fired over Montana. We followed it east from the other side of the state border, in Wyoming, but was a bit behind already from the start. It was a day with quite meager storm parameters and the storm wasn’t even severe warned so although we tried to get in front of it, I never felt any stress about it.

The most notable thing about this chase was the surroundings in which we were driving. Absolutely incredible green hills, mountains with white tops etc. It was simply amazing!

When we caught up with the storm the sun was about to set. We saw a really cool, and quite long, shear funnel and got some nice mammatus. We also found some half melted, half smashed tennis ball sized hail which was really cool. It didn’t really matter that the storm itself wasn’t all that amazing in terms of structure etc.

Just a Nice Chase in general.

storm with shear funnel
The storm when it had the long shear funnel, as can be seen in the top left.

laser beam from mammatus